Loki is the son of Farbauti and Laufey, and the brother of Helbindi. He was orphaned by Odin at a young age, and is often accompanying Thor in many of their exploits.

Loki is known to go on peculiar adventures. Loki’s often uses his ability to shape shift to escape or trick his way into and out of trouble. Loki has appeared as a mayor, a fly, an elder woman, a salmon and many other forms. Often when he is associated with the gods he has some mischievous purposes in mind. Loki does occasionally assist the gods and provide help on occasion, the only problem is that he does often double-cross them, too!

Loki’s Quarrel with the Gods

Loki is traveling with other gods and receiving insults from a series of servants and gods in the process.

While all of the individuals in the poem complement Aegir they continue to insult Loki directly which leads to Loki killing off a servant by the name of Filmafeng.

Every god then grabs their weapons and chase Loki out of the hall, he flees back into the woods. After Loki is forced out the rest of the gods returned to their fun and drinking.

Loki’s Involvement in the Creation of Thor’s Hammer

The story of Thor’s hammer begins with Loki cutting off the hair of Thors wife in which Thor then threatened to break every bone in his body.

Loki pleaded with Thor to be allowed to travel to Svartalfheim the home of the dwarves in which a new head of hair could be fashioned for Sif. The dwarves created the head of hair out of thin strips of wood but Loki wanted to stay and enjoy playing tricks in Svartalfheim for some time longer.

He taunted two metal workers, suggesting that they could not match the craftsmanship of their dwarven brothers. He placed his head as the prize if they could complete the task.

The two accepted his challenge. Loki attempted to foil their effort, and disguised himself as a fly biting at the hands of the workers as they forged their magical items. They produced a ring, a living boar with golden hair and finally the hammer Mjölnir.

The dwarves presented their gifts to the gods which were distributed in as gifts however the dwarves demanded the head of Loki as payment for the biting, annoyance and difficulty they had faced.

Loki managed to get free by suggesting his head may have been promised but not his neck, therefore it was not possible to give them their prize. Unable to dispute the logic, they instead chose to sew up Loki’s mouth and head back to the forge.

Without Loki’s mischievous ways there would be no Mjölnir!

Mjölnir (Mjolnir) is Stolen

Loki is accused of stealing Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer. Thor asks to borrow a specialty feather cloak from Freyja and Loki uses it to fly off. Loki must spend time searching for the hammer alone suggesting that in his effort he has experienced success.

During his investigation he realizes the giant thief desires Freyja as a bride. Loki brings back the news and with Thor they request Freyja to return to the Ægir (Aegir), where the giants live. Freyja refuses, instead the duo begrudgingly take the suggestion from the god Heimdallr to ask for Thor to instead disguise himself as a bride.

Loki and Thor then dress as maidens to travel to Jötunheimr (Jotunheimr), and during the ceremony Thor consumes a full three casks of mead and several roasted animals. Loki continues to make excuses for Thor until the wretched sister of the Jötnar (Jötnar) groom brings the bridal gift of Mjölnir to the disguised Thor. As soon as the hammer is placed in Thor’s hands he laughs and single-handedly beats the entire hall of giants.

Without Loki’s assistance, it is unlikely Mjölnir would have been retrieved again.

The Binding of Loki

Through Loki’s efforts, the god Baldur is killed. Upon hearing this Thor returns to the hall of the gods seeking to confront Loki. Threatening him with his hammer, Thor continues to taunt and threaten Loki for consistently undermining the gods.

Fearful of what is to come, Loki flees to his mountain home. There he disguises himself as a salmon and swims inside a waterfall attempting to hide from Thor. Through Odin’s far seeing abilities, the gods are able to locate Loki.

Thor pulls Loki from the river and holds him fast. He is brought to a cave and transformed into his human form. Loki’s sons are brought before them. The gods then turn one of his sons into a wolf and slay him before Loki. Thor proceeds binds Loki with the entrails of his son against three rocks. Skadi places a venomous snake on a rock over his head. The venom from the snake drips on Loki’s head in perpetuity.

In this story the pain and agony that Loki experiences from the snakes venom causes earthquakes across the world. 

Loki’s Death in Ragnarok

The death of Loki is said to have taken place in a legends in the onset of Ragnarok. Loki loses his godlike ability and is forced to fight against the gods as well as a number of evil forces. In a direct encounter with Heimdllr both of the gods ended up slaying each other and this is where they collectively met their end.

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